Is it wrong that I no longer want to deal with any of his family members?

mmm k, My husbnd and I are facing some issues that have been much more than what I can deal with, and as a result I have asked him to move out. I suggested that he get his own place while we decide if our marriage is worth salvaging, instead he moved in with" Each "of his sisters, they blame me for everything that has gone wrong with him, and try to fix him up with their friends
and say that he can do better than me, I say well maybe he can and suggest that he give it a shot :) but he insists that he loves me nd that he will get things right for us, but in the mean while I am being told by his aunt that they are talking about me and I hav egrown tired of the whole thing so even if my husband and I workthings out is it wrong of me to walk away from the family that is preying on or marriage to fail???? and quite frankly should I walk away from him too????
By Khuala 14 years ago :: Marriage
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