Am I crazy for wanting to be with a selfish a$$hole?

After 3 and a half years of dating someone I thought I would eventually marry- I decided to take a break with him. I supported both of us financially ie. bills, rent, vacations etc.

I took this "break" to try and wake him up a bit, maybe get his shit together and appreciate me more.

After a month of this break, he decided that he didn't want to get back together, noting that he didn't want to change, and we were in different places in our lives. He now all of the sudden has money to live abroad for the next year and travel the world.

2 months has passed and I miss him dearly, like this was something that got way out of hand, and even though I would know what advice to give a friend about this matter, I don't know what to do about it myself.

Am I wrong for wanting to be with him? Is he right when he says we shouldn't be together (not that I really have a choice at this point).

I would put up with his faults regardless, I just wanted him to grow up a bit, and that's exactly what he doesn't want to do.
By renee905 15 years ago :: Bitter Ex
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