My husband can't leave his job at his job!

My husband is getting on my last nerve with bringing what goes on at work home! He calls me from work ,not to see how my day is going but to tell me about work. Then on the way home he calls me to tell me he's on the way home and continues to tell me about work. Then when he makes it home he talks about work until I fall asleep! I can see if something terrible happened to him at work or if he got into it with the boss or something. But this is beginning to be ridiculous! He tells me about who's wife was cheating on them, who got wrote up, who came to work late, who was sick, who left early,who called in, who moved into another place, who moved out of their Mom's house, who got married, who is going to get a divorce, who got a settlement and how they spent it! AHHHHHH! Do you see my point? I don't know any of these people! I wouldn't know them if they came up to me today and kissed me! Yesterday he got mad at me cause he called to tell me he was on the way home then started in on a guy that works with him called in the job and asked him to order some supplies for him and the guy was going to pick up a pizza for dinner for his kid...I was busy trying to get the kids ready for school the next day so I was just doing the usual yea yea, yea, ok, ok ,ok. Then I told him he could finish telling me when he got home. He flew off the handle and told me I wasn't listening to what he said so forget it. He didn't finish the story when he got home he kept his little attitude all night. Quite frankly I don't care that he didn't finish the story! I'm tired of hearing about everyone's problems on his job! I have enough problems of my own to have to hear about everyone else's. I am a stay at home Mom but of course I haven't always been at home. When I worked I never brought problems of the job home. If something funny happened to me at work sure I talked about it. If the boss came down on me sure I talked about it but that's it. Am I wrong for feeling this way? Should I tell him to stop or continue to pretend to listen?
By Lowalker 15 years ago :: Marriage
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