How would you feel and would you say/do anything?

I'm 27 with 2 kids, I'm skinny but I'm still dealing with the typical "mom body" issues. My best friend is 22 with no kids. Her body is amazing and she's just pretty much gorgeous all around. I'm going to admit, I'm totally and completely jealous. I feel freaking old next to my bestie, like I'm the "ugly friend" next to her or something. What makes everything even worse is the fact that EVERYONE thinks she's the hottest thing, even my husband. I realize that my friend would never do anything with my man and I also am aware of the fact that my dh comes home to me every night, but damn that is hurtful!! Here I am all mom bodied and old looking with dark circles and gray hairs while my friend is perfect and my dh is liking it....what should I do? Nothing....something.....I don't know!! Oh, and I know my husband likes my friend because he is constantly telling me how pretty she is so this isn't all in my head.
By xoxo 15 years ago :: Marriage
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