who do you think is right or wrong

I loss my mom early this year and the house was left to us,my mom made it where ,my brother and i would make any decisions about the house. i have decided to move into the house with my family so that we can save up to buy our own house again ,i used to have a house so i have a lot of thing as well as my mom . the situation is that my husband wants me to get rid of most of my mom things so that we can move our things into the house ,where as on the other hand my brother is not ready to let go of her things.my husband does not want me to put her things into storage even though i am the who would pay for it . he thinks that my brother should pay for the storage since he is the one who does not want to let go of her things. my thing is i am caught in the middle because i do not want any altercation between my husband and my brother. right now we are renting from my brother who has a duplex . what should ido in this situation . please give your honest opinion .
By babe 15 years ago :: Marriage
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