Should My Husband Let a Woman Hit on Me?

I was at a wedding with my husband recently and one of his co-workers was there with her partner. Her partner was making DEFINITE sexual overtures toward me in front of her partner and in front of my husband. She took a picture over my shoulder looking down my dress, offered to take me back to her hotel room to take a nap, and touched me in a couple places only my husband is allowed. I didn't want to make anything awkward for my husband with his co-worker so I tried luaghing it off, telling her to stop, she's being perverted, told my husband's colleague (jokingly) to get her woman on a leash, told my husband numerous times she was making me feel really uncomfortable. We finally left. I asked him why he didn't do anything about it and he just shrugged. I asked if he would have felt the same nonchalance had it been a man doing those things and he gave me an emphatic no. What's with this double standard???
By renbog 15 years ago :: Marriage
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