What do I do with a spoiled husband ?

I know I did it ! But how can I change things? I ask him to do things for me or around the house and he always complains. As far as doing things for me, I mean attention. He just gets mad and tells me that he does. I wait on him hand and foot. That is what I saw in my parents marriage of 56 yrs. They do for each other. Other people tell me why do I put up with that. I don't like confortation, so if I do things for him he is happy. I've only been married to him 5yrs. So please help me ! He wasn't like this when we dated. Also he has gained so much weight, he weighs 300 lbs. So lazy !! He was told he has post polio syndrome so that's his excuse not him being overweight. If I say anything his words are you just put me down, call me names and threaten divorce. Please help!!!!!!!
By darmstrong4 14 years ago :: Marriage
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