Should he redo the proposal?

"I had been dating my fiancee for 8 years when he ask me to marry him. First of all he did it on Christmas eve which is one of the most obvious days to propose. Then he wrote a song, sang it and played his guitar. The problem is he proposed through a computer and did not actually play it in front of me and it was in my grandmothers basement! My sister was video taping and so it was clear as day what was going on! I told him numerous times what I really wanted in a proposal and I did not like this at all! I feel like this has made our engagement a nightmare! I feel bad because I know this sounds so bad but he knew me and should have been able to do what I really wanted but did not. I feel like he should redo the proposal in the way I desired and help get things off to a better start to our marriage! Our wedding is this upcoming May 8th so I would like it before then.
By loveya 12 years ago :: Marriage
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