Cops on Christmas Eve?! Was it right for my husband to call the cops on me Christmas Eve? Should I stay?

(Background Information)

Over the last several months my husband and I have not been communicating... I work two jobs (6 days a week) and he works part time at night. I make $70,000 and he brings home around $30,000. Both of us take turns caring for one year old, but I support the family financially. I am college educated, provide the health benefits, travel 2 hours a day to work and try my hardest to be the best I can for my family. He has been at a community college for 4 years and has been through 4 jobs in 4 years. We are in our late twenties and have been married for 3 years. We have been residing in his parent's basement since we became married.

(On Christmas Eve)
On Christmas Eve morning I asked J for some more money to do additional shopping (since he does the finances), he began to give me a lecture on how we have bills... I was upset because $300 was not enough to cover our family shopping. He said "after the holidays, things will be different". I asked him what that meant and he told me that he wanted a separation. Later in the day I came home (hoping that things would be better) and found out that he volunteered to work at his job on Christmas. I was instantly infuriated and began to tell me that he was a loser and that he would lose if he divorced me...

(The Big Moment)
he looked at me and said "You have a crazy look in your eyes right now, I am nervous to leave you alone with our child". I said "Good, I hope you have fear in your heart always". He grabbed our son and said he was calling the cops on me.
I thought he was just talking crazy. So I sat on the couch and started watching Glee. 10 minutes later I walked upstairs to find him looking out the window and my son locked in my mother-in-law's room. He told me he called the cops and that I could not see my son. in the next 10 minutes him and his mother told the cops that I shouldn't be allowed my son becuase I could hurt him.

The cops let me leave with my son. We went to my mother's house where upon Christmas morning I had no presents for my son and my life felt ruined. My husband asked to see our son Christmas night in which I drove to him and allowed him and his family to see him. He apologized and has begged for mercy! But I just don't know. Where I come from only trashy people call the cops!
By Jackieo 15 years ago :: Marriage
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