how should I feel about a private converstion

we have a large group of friends visting for the holidays. About 20 of us have gatherered for our annual New years get together. We are all good freinds with a few newbees thrown in depending on who is dateing who that year. My husband and i host it and these are primarltiy friends from his high school days.
Last night I went to bed quite early after several long days. Around mid nite I woke up and my husband wasn't in bed. I got up to get a drink and the teenagers were in the living room watching a movie. I went downstairs to find my husband. Everyone was in bed. My husband was sitting on the bed our good friend Jenny having a conversation. I stopped in the hall a little taken aback by the intimacy of the converstaion . I listned breifly not catching much of what was said and returned upstairs with the teens. I waited for over 30 mins and he did not come upstairs. The teens got tired and went downstairs to sleep, but promptly returned saying that Dad and Miss Jenny were having a private convesation. i told them they could certainly interuppt and go to bed it was almonst 1AM. they declined and sat down to talk, one of the topics was why it was ok for Dad and Miss Jenny to have a private coverstaion.
the door to the bedroom was open and they were talking in hushed tones. I don't beleive anything pyhsical was happeining. But I was uncomfortable and embarrassed and feel that the time and place was inaappropitate. I have never made my husband uncomfortable in sucha a maner in 25 years of marriage. He is a flirt and has enjoyed the attentions of woman in the past, touching, laughing, whispering but I know he hasn't been physically involved. I am hurt, angry and embarrassed and he has apologized for making me feel uncomfortable but feels I am being over sensitive. Am I?
By klicks 15 years ago :: Marriage
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