kicked him to the curb...

my guy of 3 yrs moved in after his rental house caught on fire, i told him he could stay UNTILL he found another place or if he was ready to make the commitment of marriage. he looked for a month or so.. then stopped. i reminded him the offer of stayn was if was ready to get engaged. by the 4th month he suprised me and took me to look at rings...he never really asked for my hand, he has lived with me for a year and 4 months now, we had communication problems,( his lack of ), if i needed to discuss anything with him he didnt want to deal with hed ignore me. we went to councling and he told the councler he felt PUSHED into getting me a i kicked him to the curb. he wouldnt leave so i gave him a 3day written notice of evection...he left but keeps asking when were gonna get together, like nothings happned....... what should i do ?? ignore him and move on..... or...............
By bree 15 years ago :: Bitter Ex
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