Should I be worried about my boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend and the relationship they currently have?

I have been with my current boyfriend for 2 1/2 years. We started dating appx 8 mo after his break up from his ex-girlfriend. My boyfriend and I started living together 6 months ago. My boyfriend and I have a great relationship. We have very good communication, we're very open with each other, our sex life is very good and I am very happy with him. He says he is very happy with me as well.

During our whole time together, his ex-girlfriend has continued to contact him, to ask him how he's doing, what his life is like, tell him about her life, ask his advice, etc. I told him from the beginning, she does this because she can't let go and wants to keep her options open to try to get him back should the opportunity arise.

Recently, within the last 2 weeks, she tried to kill herself by running her car into a pole after taking a lot of prescription pills. The night she did this she was messaging my boyfriend about her latest failed relationship with a man she was seeing. Well, she was put into a mental hospital for a 72 hour hold for 5150, then arrested for driving under the influence. The person she called from the hospital and from jail was my boyfriend. Not a family member, or her current ex....but my boyfriend.

I've told him, she's not done with him. She contacts him for so many reasons, intimate as well. (She had to tell him about a sexual escapade she had as well).

My boyfriend tells me about most of the phone calls, messages, and emails, and I appreciate that. But she can't and doesn't move on. I can't control either of them and their conversations, and I know that, but should I be concerned?
By trebek_12 15 years ago :: Bitter Ex
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