Would you date or marry an illegal immigrant?

Hello everyone. I'm seeing this guy who is illegal in this country but I'm wondering if I should let it go further. He is a hard worker, has good values, we are of the same cultural beliefs, and have things in common. So where is the problem then right? Well he is illegal. We all know things are not granted to illegal immigrants. They don't have social security # so they can't have a driver's license, good job, go to school, etc.

My previous bf was illegal too but he was lazy and was having me do too much for him. His lazy a*s never bought a car in the two yrs that we were together; he would stay home sometimes instead of going to work too. So here he had me driving him everywhere and paying both our ways because he was broke. Because I lived this hell with this lazy boyfriend is why I'm afraid to give it another try.

I'm afraid I won't feel happy with this guy I'm seeing. It's hard doing a lot of things for a guy. I'm not lazy or anything like that but it's nice when a guy can drive and not me all the time. Sometimes he doesn't visit me because he is afraid to drive. It's a little annoying but I understand. So I visit him instead. He's only 20 minutes away but it gets annoying. Not just annoying but it's so nice when as a girl you don't have to lift one finger or when you see your man walking up your door step. I'm such a hopeless romantic and wish he could do so much for me but he can't.

So I'm saying, would you date or marry a guy in his situation? I have everything I need to support myself. I don't need a man to do it for me but I would like someone who is financially secure, not that I'm materialistic. Does it seem like too much for me to do for a man? Would you be embarrassed of dating a man like this when you have things going for you?

Please don't be rude and give your honest opinion.
By 15 years ago :: Marriage
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