What Should I Do?????? HELP!!!!

I need some advice mainly from individuals who are married. I have been married for approximately 2yrs so I'm still pretty new at this, however, I feel like I am no longer attracted to my husband. When we have sex, I don't feel the pleasure and I don't get wet when he touches me. To be honest, he is starting to get on my nerves so I'm wondering if this is normal; if this is a phase that I'm going through. The guy has become very boring to me, he doesn't like public affection, he doesn't even do foreplay. I need to know what to do, we are both the same age in our mid 20's and I'm feeling sexually deprived. Is there anything that I can do to reverse this? Please advise. Thank you all very much in advance.
By Petra 14 years ago :: Marriage
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