My husband feels our marriage is under too much stress from him being a Marine, but I want to keep fighting!

To begin, I will accept the fact that there is a lot of stress on our marriage. For one we are very young and already have a toddler. I am turning 21 in a few months and my husband will be turning 20. We had many ups and downs before our marriage. In fact I left him twice. The last time I had left him I thought it was for good. We didn't speak for a few months unless it was about our child. One day when he picked up our son, I learned he had enlisted himself to the USMC ( marines) I was so surprised and hurt. I realized how much I still loved and cared for him so I wrote to him the whole time he was in camp and I showed up to his graduation with his family.He seemed like a changed man and asked me to marry him. At first I couldn't answer being he had hurt me before. We talked disagreed and went trough another short storm before I agreed to marry him. We felt rushed to get married since his permanent duty station was going to be in North Carolina and the only way our son and I could come along was if we got married. After a few months he finally found an apt off base. I quit a very good job at the Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey, left my car and family behind in order to be with him. The first weeks it was great! But as time has passed I have grown isolated from the world. I don't know any one in NC besides him. I don't have a job and i'm not going to school like i had planned. I am a stay at home mommy with no car. He is gone 14hrs a day sometimes and i feel so alone. He knows it and feels bad about it. We don't get to do too many romantic things since we don't have a sitter or know anyone around here. We do argue about it and sometimes my insecurities and his temper add to the stress. Last night he suggested I go back to California. He said he feels that as long as he is in the Military we can't have a healthy marriage. Please if there is anyone out there with experience help me. Should I just oblige to his request or what can I say to make him see that we can do this?
By 13 years ago :: Marriage
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