Do I blame this other guy for my divorce?

I ran into an ex-lover. We started talking on the phone daily. He was saying things like, I still love you, and that we should have got married. This was someone that I truly loved but it never worked out for us. In the meantime I am married. I started to distance myself towards my Husband, and was fighting with him daily. I think b/c I was more interested in this other guy and the things he was saying to me.

However, I think I liked this attention from my ex b/c I don't have a great marriage. I have a marriage w/ a husband who is never home. He is always out partying etc.... Since now my Husband and I are constantly fighting and he felt the need to tell me has been cheating on my for years randomly when he was drunk or high. Now I wonder, was it meant to be that I ran into my ex-lover, and my Husband has now admitted all of this to me, or do I hold my ex-lover some what responsible for making me think I should have been with him? He feels he is partly to blame b/c now I am filing for divorce. Confused....... Pleae help!
By 15 years ago :: Marriage
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