Should a married man discourage a single female from texting him excessively?

Should a married man discourage a single female (15 years younger than him) from texting him excessively throughout the day?
The texting averages 50+ texts a day, 4-5 days a week - while some of the texts are specific questions about car troubles, etc., the rest are just silly/useless things (all just an excuse to talk to him....HELLO, been there, done that) but these texts can also be flirtatious in nature or explicit in detailing her sex life (And no, I'm not checking his phone and reading the texts...he's telling me what she says). I've tried explaining to my husband how much this hurts me and even though I know he has no interest in this girl, and he feels he's doing nothing wrong (which technically, he isn't, I don't guess), but I feel he is "feeding" her interest, so to speak, by allowing the excessiveness of the communication. He has the power to nip something in the bud that has the potential for disaster, yet he chooses not too.
My husband has lots of friends and acquaintances, male and female, but he doesn't communicate nearly as much with the rest of them put together as he does with this young female. He does not consider her a friend (meaning he doesn't confide in her, just responds to whatever she is saying) and the only time they hang out is in group settings.
Input/Advice? I'm really interested to hear the male perspective on this as well.
By Ndsisive 16 years ago :: Marriage
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