How do you move on when he makes it impossible?

My ex and I Split up over 2 years ago. He was abusive verbally more than physical. He only hit me once and i left him immediately. I wasn't going to be one of those girls that allowed themselves to be beat up because they loved someone i had told myself... but i did in another way...

For a good year after i left him, I thought of myself the way he said I was. Fat, Stupid, a horrible mom. I was extremely depressed. I had been seeing a councilor for about 6 months and was starting to feel different... 125 lbs is not fat!!! And I was smart in fact lol kind of nerdy. And my daughter is my life, and it was the best thing i could of ever done to show her that a guy never should of put there hands on a girl.

Now back to the question in hand, sorry so long, When i say impossible to move on, I dintt mean i want him back!!! We are fighting a custody case, and he is doing everything he possibly can to prolong it. First after 13 months of being her father, signing anaffidavitt and being a great father, hes denied her as he, And demanded a paternity test. then for the paternity case he kept rescheduling it for almost a year. Then we get into court in oct. and he was instructed to fill some paper work that will help us not have to pay for it all. And since he is the one who started the case and who wanted the paternity the judge instructed him to do it. HE NEVER did.. finally in JAN i contacted his lawyer and told her i have had enough... well she ended up sending me the paper work. I filled it out immediately and sent it back and it was a waiting process again.

Courtdoesn'tt seem like a big deal, a reason to make it impossible to move on. And its not its just everything he does in between each case. One minute hedoesn'tt ever want to be part of her life. (our daughters) the next he wants sole custody with me only to have supervised visitation. Hehasn'tt seen her at all in the last 2 year and blames it on me. Even though I have offered for him to... as long as someone was supervising it. I said his mother could be in charge of that so hewouldn'tt feel uncomfortable.

He also sends me stupid messages belittling me constantly. When we were together we had taken private photos.. I thought when I had taken them I was doing this with the person i loved. Like i said he beat me up. and i left in hurry getting only me and my daughter out of there so he still had those photos. and put them all over the internet.

It seems like things go well for a month i start to relax and he does something else. I have wanted to try dating again, but always ended badly because of what my ex does.

AND the worst part its hard on my daughter. She is only 3. Shedoesn't't know who he is. but does understand daddy now. and has asked me questions like do i have a daddy, does he not love me, and what did i do wrong a few times. IT TEARS ME APART! I just want this to be over! And I want our pain to be gone... i just don't know how to do that when he wont stop!!!
By 14 years ago :: Marriage
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