Am I wrong to feel that my husband should be putting our marriage before anything else? I feel like I have put

My husband and I have been married for a year and currently have had our first child, two months early at that. His parents currently live with us, he bought their house so they could build a retirement home up north, when I first moved in they were only supposed to be here another year or two, then found out it was five years, which the date of retirement has now been put off a few more years and they will need to get an apartment anyways. Last September his dad told him we needed to take on part of the utilities that they were supposed to be paying, as it was they were only paying ¼ of the house hold bills, his reason was so he could get his finances in order and move out in the next year. Since we are already paying ¾ of everything and the household and yard upkeep seems to be all on us, I agreed that I would only take on more if they were “out” with in a year. I made this very clear, that I was tired of this situation, tired of no privacy, no personal space, tired of living with two adults that cannot help out and contribute, I am a very clean person yet I have to live in a mess and crude since his mother cannot do more than do the dishes and wipe off the counter and table, she doesn't seem to realize that to have a sanitary and clean house that you have to do more than the minimum on a regular basis and not just do a massive clean when “their” company is coming over, I am tired of being embarrassed to have friends and family over because of the cleanliness of the house, I do not feel comfortable in what is supposed to be “our” house. When I agreed to take on those other bills, I made it clear to my husband that it was only if they were out within the year no extensions, they do have other places to go like get an apartment or move in with his sister, his sister that finally moved in with her bf after living here rent free and without having to contribute anything and never giving my husband any respect in his own house, and then I was the bitch for calling her out on being a mooch and giving him no respect. My husband wanted to begin trying for a baby after our wedding, which I also wanted, but I total him he needed to take care of the situation first, because I especially since I did not want to have our child while they were still living here. He said he took care of it and they would be out in Sept., we got pregnant and was due in August, a month or so having them there I could deal with. Well here I am with a premature infant, and a husband that I found out did not take care of the situation before we got pregnant, I found this out a couple months back and supposedly have since told them about the Sept 30th deadline. Now I find out that he did not make it clear, but said they needed to try and be out by the end of Sept, which is not good enough for me, anytime they have been asked to do something by a certain date they have never done it, they were supposed to moved out of the master bedroom and into his sisters old room by labor day so we could remodel it and move in, but instead they didn't start until after labor day and took two weeks to do it. My husband does not understand that his deception has been hurting our marriage tremendously, that it has been changing my feelings for him, because he seems to be playing both sides, he claims he is trying to keep peace rather than actually taking care of problems and issues that have been developing. He has made me want nothing to do with his family and making me want to leave more and more everyday. I love him, but he needs stand up for himself and stop being taken advantage of by his family. That enough is enough. This is exactly why I wanted things taken care of before we got pregnant. I cannot take the deception it has destroyed my trust in him just as if he had cheated.
By LOVESTRUCK 14 years ago :: Marriage
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