ok, what did i miss - married for four days and now divorced for four months! what kind of personality is this

Ok, met this great guy through family introduction, all was going well. He was divorced with two kids, stable job etc etc. He asked me to marry him, even rang my dad and asked my dad for my hand in marriage. And then we got married and everything went beserk from the day of the wedding. His mum walked out of the wedding - seems she was against it from the start, he didn't tell me that. and then four days later, he does an oscar nomination worthy act saying "i cannot condemn you to a life with me, and whats worse i cannot condemn you to a life with my family! and walked off in the sunset with his two children. No explanations, flew out of the country. He spent maybe a few weeks pretending to want to reconcile and then when i finally called him a mama's boy we stoppeed talking. But heres the thing, he never told me that his mum was against it. And boy did she go for gold. After walking out of the wedding we went to see her, she ignored me in front of around 30 people. And the following day, again she asked me if i was really committed to him? what is this kind of personality??
By razk40 14 years ago :: Marriage
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