Can I get help getting over the love i have for my husband?

My husband, he has been a cheater and he has also left a few times. right now he is living with his dad. He changes his mind weekly about what he wants. One week he is happy and he loves me and says we can get through anything that we are meant to be together for a long time and he can feel that. The next week its we don't have an us anymore and its never going to get back that way. i have tried marriage counseling but its hard to keep the appointments when he gets like this we have only been to one. I do go to self counseling but they don't help me with steps on getting over him, they make it worse by telling me nothing either way. We have two children together and one on the way ( just a month along) . I want this marriage to work and i don't want a divorce but if divorce is what I have to do, then what are the steps to get over my love for him?
By Carlaina 14 years ago :: Marriage
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