The cable bill.. get rid of it or keep it?

We aren't obsessed with TV, but we certainly use our television for relaxing. We currently are paying 120 dollars a month for internet and TV, which includes all premium channels (HBO,Showtime, HD, and DVR).

I think it's a great deal and I feel like we're getting our monies worth.

My wife hates paying the bill each month and wants me to get rid of all cable, get an HD antenna, Tivo, and hook up a computer for Hulu.

My argument is that HBO and Showtime programming isn't on Hulu, and sports can't be watched online in a good format. She thinks we need to save the money each month.

We can definitely afford it, my wife just thinks this is an area where we can save. I think we could make cuts other places.
By Utah_Utes 15 years ago :: Marriage
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