Should I be okay with the fact my husband goes away with women?

My husband works for a small company and his bosses take the empoyees (all male) twice a year to California. They go into the Disney parks during the day, dinner at night and maybe a bar or do something fun in the evening. They may have a meeting once while they are down there (work related), but the trip is mostly to just get away, clear their heads and kick back. The difference with this trip is that two females will be going with them. Two females now work with them and will go going as well. I am just not crazy about the idea. I am not sure if it is because I feel like they aren't really going away for "work" and they are just going away to have some fun. My husband does not understand how I feel, but then again I may be comepletely wrong for feeling uneasy about it. Would just like some thoughts on the matter.
By Ella3016 14 years ago :: Marriage
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