Is there still any chance for us?

I have this very close guy friend to whom I had a crush on from the very first time i laid my eyes on him but when we started getting close, i managed to get rid of that feeling so I casually treat him like a normal friend. He tells me everything. Especially about his love/sex life. At the beginning it was sort of awkward but eventually I got used to listening to his stories. Last year, he courted my friend which was a chance for us to reunite since we were in different classes for quite some time already. He later on grew tired because my other friend didn't show any interest on him. after a couple of months, I found myself texting him 24/7, of course its a two way thing. Everything between me and my then boyfriend were complicated so imagine how it gotten worse when he entered the picture. We continued our flirting-with-each-other for about 6 months. Its a long story but the bottomline is, we almost bcame a couple, a serious one. Later he was back to having a lot of flings and so did our friendship, as if nothing ever happened. Lately, we've been texting again. Well, last week, we texted for 5 days straight then he disappeared. Last night, he texted. I kept flirting and he flirts back. He confuses me thought and I'm sad because even after a year I'm still frustrated at our almost-love-affair. This time, we're both single.
By octoberia 13 years ago :: Friends
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