What kind of a woman would do this? What can I do?

After 23 years of marriage my wife & I agreed to divorce. We just could not communicate productively any more. I agreed to move out & leave her with the house (until we had a property settlement) & it was agreed (in front of a judge) that I would be allowed to take my belongings as well as a few pieces of extra furniture & a TV. I was laid off 6 months prior and still out of work when I agree to leave.
In court, my wife requested & was granted sole possession of the house. I would now have to ask her permission to come to my home - even to see my children. I was granted (against her protests) to be allowed to participate in counseling with our then 15yr. old son. I thought it would be good for our entire family to see a counselor to get us through this difficult time. Yet she refused co parental counseling or any form of counseling.
2 weeks later, I went to collect my belongings and my wife refused to allow me to collect them. 7 months later at a contempt of court hearing (Reason: She refused to bring my son to a counselor & refused to allow me to pick up belongings and refused to let me see my son.) At this hearing, the judge reprimanded her concerning the damage that she was doing to my son. She then told the judge that I had taken my belongings and they were not at the house. We argued that we should be allowed to have access to the house to in fact see if these items were taken. I won the right to inspect the home & in fact all my belongings were there. I was not allowed to take anything my attorney and court bailiff made the inspection and reported to the judge.
Nineteen 19 months later, I still have none of my belongings & those items we agreed I could take. I have still not seen my son outside of a few counseling visits that were court ordered. He refuses to see me and now the counselor says that because he is 17 he cannot force him to come if he does not want to come. I learned from my son that he started a rumor that I hit him. I never even spanked him. He later admitted that I never hit him, nor ever spanked him. Yet he did not want to see me until the divorce was over. He said it would just cause too many problems.
I have tried regularly to communicate with my wife & son in a peaceful & respectful way yet she refuses to communicate She is now on her 3rdattorney. My son also refuses to communicate with me.
What kind of a women would actively damage the child parent bond (she has been heard to say that I am dead to her & my son (in front of my son). She extended this proclamation that my sons entire paternal family was dead to him, she refuse to communicate with me about anything – the divorce, or even my son having major knee surgery( I found out from a neighbor I'm still friends with) and least importantly allowing me to gather my belongings?
What kind of a woman would do this?
What can I do?
By Curiousone 13 years ago :: Bitter Ex
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