I guess the honeymoon is over... What do I do now? (adult content)

My husband and I have been married less than a year and we are having major issues. I feel like I'm literally having to beg him to have sex with me and even then he often says no. I am feeling rejection in other areas of my life and this physical rejection from my husband is the last straw. To be honest, my self-esteem was already low... I've put on 15 lbs since we got engaged. So I've been on a diet for the past month and lost 5 lbs. When the rejection gets me so far down that I cry myself to sleep, he buys me Ben & Jerry's to make me feel better instead of just telling me that I look good. Honestly I'm not even overweight WITH the extra 15 lbs; I just don't fit into my clothes. Anyway, now I don't even feel like trying. In a million years I never thought this would be a problem in our marriage. I just can't keep begging only to be rejected again. But what I want more than anything in the world is a baby and it's pretty hard to conceive if I'm not even having sex. What do I do?
By PSILUVU 12 years ago :: Marriage
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