Does the amount of times I pee and the fact I say "peeing is boring" affect my fiance's life?

My fiance is mad because I've told him that I don't like peeing. I simply find it boring. He says its not normal, its unhealthy and he just wants a normal fiance and a normal life. Excuse me. How do my peeing habits affect his life? I told him if he is so concerned about health, perhaps he should quit smoking and dipping. Then he says it is my stubborness that will be the down fall of the relationship. Stubborn? How? Well he says he admits that smoking is unhealthy, okay. So, I also admit that it is unhealthy to hold your pee and you should go when you feel the urge. I know this is so ridiculous. **FRUSTRATED**
By applesandoranges 13 years ago :: Marriage
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