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As a back drop, my ex SIL used to make it extremely obvious that she had a huge crush on my husband. In the beginning of our relationship he told me that the woman had told him that she "picked the wrong brother", stripped naked and got in bed with him and he had turned her down (at first he told me that she tried to kiss him, then upgraded to tried to touch him sexually, then finally told the true event above). Years go by, in which she cheated on my BIL with a man just because he had the same name as my husband...and on Easter the year before last, she shows up with a doppelganger (look-alike) of my husband and says "look now I've got my own 'H', isn't that cool?" Umm...if by cool she meant creepy, than yes. We used to laugh about how crazy she was and call her psycho sage. She was also a raving drunk so I had her and her little look-alike sleep over. The next morning she follows me into my bedroom, sits on the bed that my husband is sleeping in, in his underwear, and begins giving him a massage. She is a massuese, but still, I said 'okay, lets go out here and get these kids ready' and walk out. She didn't follow. 5 mins later, I come back in and ask very quietly where something was, to see if hubby was awake, and he tells me where to find the thing, I stomp to it, stomp back out of the room and slam the door so hard it opens back up...and still they both don't come out for another 10 mins. Because it was Easter I didn't want to fight with him about it. I could have told her to stop...but I needed him to respect me enough to tell her to, especially when she had reiterated the night before that she had an inappropriate obsession with him, by bringing in the look-alike. That massage was the bane of our arguments for several months, where each time a little more of the truth would come out, at first he was sleeping, then he wasn't but he pretended he was to her, then it was he thought he was being frugal (!) by saving the money for a massage, then it came out that she rubbed his entire underwear clad body. And finally it came out that the night that she had stripped naked and got in bed with the very beginning of our relationship when we were 'head over heels'/honeymoon phase...he had NOT turned her down...his excuse was that she was 'cutting herself' and had told him that the only way she could stop was if he had sex with her.

BUT THAT ISN'T EVEN MY QUESTION. In fact, because I had always kind of suspected and it was years after the event, I was still more mad that he had let a woman that he had been intimate with rub his body in the bed we made our children in, than that he had cheated. Because for those years, up til the massage, we were the 'golden couple' and all our friends and everyone would say they wished they could find someone and be like us. Not anymore...

Because the July following Easter, I found a napkin under the seat of our car that had some....hmmm, lets say "bodily fluid" on it. When I questioned him about it he blamed it on watching porn - while driving! I think that is impossible and I think he cheated on me again. And I suspect it is with this girl:

A neighbor friend of ours. We used to be friends with the couple - but then he went to jail for several months for getting two teens so intoxicated they were semi-conscious and having sex with them...and she was alone for the summer. She was a really, extremely shy person and only would talk to people if she was drinking. So around last April, she came over. I had a couple other friends over that I was throwing a baby shower for the following day. We all had some drinks, then I said I was going to bed because I had a lot to do tomorrow. She comes in my room and asks if she can hang out in there with me until the other couple goes to bed because she was too shy to sit out there with them. Then she proceeds to tell me that she cheated on her hubs a couple times during the months he was in jail...and one of those times was a threesome. I felt as though she was leading up to something. She also said, when "H" comes to bed, I'll (*she) will move to the far side of the bed by the wall so he wouldn't be uncomfortable...and I told her I didn't think "H" would come to bed if she was in there, he'd probably crash on the couch. But he did come to bed after (I found out later) telling the other couple, that if he gets in "trouble" for some "weird threesome" it's not his fault. He gets in bed behind me close to the wall and she is laying on the other side of me. She starts playing with my hair at the top of my head and reaching behind me and touching his chest. He is mumbling under his breath 'why is she touching me, why is her hand on me, it's not your hand, etc" but not loud enough for her to hear and not loud enough to tell me to make her stop....and while he's mumbling his bullshit, he is grinding his hips on me, like we would just do it right there in front of her. So I told him that he could do it to her...and he did (and I kind of hate him for it).

But my question is this. I think the nasty napkin from the car came from this girl. Because she really was crippling shy - and I don't think she ever would have touched him unless she knew he wasn't going to reject her and embarrass her. Even if it wasn't her, I don't believe it could have been what he claims. He insists to this day it was from pleasuring himself, while driving with his knee, because both of his hands would be occupied, one holding the phone and the other doing the deed. I think that's impossible. Do you think I'm right?
By dink711 10 years ago :: Marriage
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