Please help me settle an argument! It seems like a tiny argument but it's tuned into a big fight! Pick a side!

Recently my DH and I went to an outdoor festival with pizza tasting where you had to stand in line. We went with another couple. It was very unorganized with long lines at each pizza booth. Since the lines were so long, we decided to all split up, stand in line and get as much pizza as they'd let us, meet back up and eat. I picked the longest line and dh had the other hubby had picked the shortest lines. They were already back at the meet place with their pizza first and had eaten a piece or two. I was starving in line next to the other wife who was in a separate line moving faster than mine. My dh came over to say he'd take my place in line and was holding a plate with a slice of pizza, I told him that was ok but I'd decided to get out of line and have the other wife get pizza for me too since her line was moving faster. He said ok and started to leave... I was like, "um, wait... Can I at least have the slice of pizza you're holding?!" After all, he had many more slices back at the meeting point where he was going.

So fast forward to the fight. I'm brushing my teeth and I say, "um, I can't believe when you came to take my place in line you were going to leave with the pizza slice!!! That's hysterical." Dh got really mad and said, "is that what you are going to focus on, really?! What about the fact that I was going to stand in line for you?! You are such a bitch, bla bla bla." So I say, "well obviously you are embarrassed be audit is embarrassing that you'd do that." He starts getting more and more mad, saying that I am focusing on the wrong part and that I ruined the entire night and that I am pms'sing, a cunt, etc etc. Then he starts screaming using the f word etc while our kids sleep in the next room. I feel like he was completely over reacting and maybe a little drunk (beer was served too lol). I thought he'd wake up today and apologize but he was even more mad and so am I. Who is right and who is wrong?! Please help!
By Tahitti 10 years ago :: Marriage
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