My husband didn't delete the browser history and he has an account on Adult Friend Finder....what to do?

We have a child and when our child goes to sleep I use our laptop to play an ambient noise application because it helps her stay asleep, I went to use it yesterday and when I opened the computer the site Adult Friend Finder was up on the screen, I thought it was maybe a porn site and to be honest I don't really care if my husband watches porn, I think most people do, I do even sometimes. When I looked harder though he had an account with this website and when I WIkipedia'd it to see what the site was all about it seems that it's took either look for partners to have sex with or chat online or video cam about sex. I was hurt. Like I said we had a child not too long ago, I understand my body isn't what it used to be and there's not a lot of opportunity to have sex but I always want to and he never attempts because I don't think he desires me, and now to find that he's going elsewhere for sexual gratification. Where does that leave me? I brought it up with him because I had nothing to hide and I wasn't snooping, it's a family computer, we all use it, and i opened it and it was on that page, to the account setting part so I didn't even look to see if he had an account or he was just checking it out. He told me the account was from years ago but if I'm being honest I don't believe him. I few years ago I opened out computer and his Facebook account was open and I found out he was talking sexually to other women and I confronted him about it and he said it was nothing and he talked to them in a way he felt he couldn't talk to me. The thing is I would have loved to share that with him. He just thinks I"m this shrew with no needs and that I just love missionary boring sex, cause that's all i get.

I'm really hurt and concerned and I don't know what to do. Our marriage had been difficult for about a year, we have been distant and we fight a lot but marriage isn't always going to be perfect right? What do I do? I feel like an idiot.
By petshark 9 years ago :: Marriage
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