How late is "a little late," as in "I may be a little late" from work?

My husband texted me around the time he normally leaves the office saying that he "may be a little late" because something had come up and work and he had to fix it before he could leave. I reply, "ok."

An hour later I text to ask just how long he will be because I have a fever and don't feel like I can bathe and put down our rambunctious 2-year-old alone. I didn't mention feeling sick before because I didn't want him to feel guilty for a problem at work that was out of his control. 30 minutes later he replies that he just got my text message and he's sorry. Of course that is after I've already got the baby in the bathtub.

Two hours after he said he might be "a little late" I text him to see where he is: "PLEASE tell me you are still working and not" out for a drink... He responds that he has gone for a beer.

Um... is my anger unreasonable? We're now sitting at well over 2 hours late and I'm running a 101 degree (F) fever home with the baby while he's out having a beer. (For the record, we have plenty of beer available here.)
By PSILUVU 9 years ago :: Marriage
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