My wife does not want me to go out alone after sunset with friends. Is she wrong or right?

We have been married for a year and have been seperated for 2 months now.We are talking about getting back together but with the condition that I never go out alone with friends after 6pm.Now the issue with this is that I just moved to a New state and dont have any friends here.I will only get to see old friends when they visit around 1 or 2 times a year or if we go back home.

I have never cheated and my friends have never done anything directly wrong to her.But my wife says she does not trust them and that married men never go out alone.She says that a real man always goes out with his wife 100% of the time.The issue with this is that I feel like she is trying to control me and everything I do.

I will always be with her 100% of the time since she does not even work and I work from home.So I feel like having some alone time once in a while is something normal.

She said that If I dont agree to this she will not return and get a divorce.

Is she wrong or right? Ps we are both 25 years old
By viralghost19 7 years ago :: Marriage
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