What to tell him he's caught will out me...

My husband was out of town for business. He had meetings all day but was out all night with the co-workers. I find out he may have been to a strip club after swearing he would never go.

Here's how I found out. He has not been as honest with me before. On a hunch I logged into his email account and found an email between him and a coworker. Coworker states, "I'll be waiting on the dock when you are finished in the meeting. Saw our stripper friend, she says hi".

So now what. How do I confront him? Should I just tell him that I checked his email and found this or should I just say, "I know you went to a strip club and what do you have to say for yourself?"

What do I do???? I'm so hurt I want to cry but I have our little one next to me. :(
By Tata 15 years ago :: Marriage
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