Was i right to break up with my girlfriend?

sorry, this is a bit long. please help! me and my now ex were off and on for 3 years and we got back together after a year while i was in the military, i found out after we got back together that she fooled around with my best friend so we were already on the rocks again. i cam home on leave for 10 days and by day five, two od the nights i didnt want to hang out with her because we were fighting so i threw in the towel. the straw that broke the bames back was i was at my cousins birthday party and she had requested i bring jello shots for her so i did and my gf was craving them and after the party we were supposed to the club because my friend was djing but she didnt want to go dancing because we went outh the night before. my gf loves going to the pool but we havent since i got back and this was a pool party. my gf had to work til 1030 and her work is about halfway between her house and my cousins. i told her that we werent going to the club anymore because i was having fun with my fam and i figured shed be thrilled. she calls me when she gets off and tells me shes on her way to pick me up to go pick up her swimsuit because she doesnt want to go alone but im drunk, soaked, and a couple of my friends came over so i asked her if she would just pick up her suit by herself and she refused because of gas so i offered to let her take my car but she didnt want to drive alone either so she asked if she could bring her friend, a guy who expressed interest but she shot him down, and i still said ok. when she got there she threatened to not hang out for the evening so i said thats a good idea, so i said thats a good idea, so she said that we should just break up, so i said ok, and she changed her mind again saying lets work on things and hang out tonight. i stuck to my guns and said i think its a bad idea to hang out tonight and well talk the next morning. the next morning we broke up.
By tux32 15 years ago :: Bitter Ex
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