How should we split the housework? My "Mr. Mom)husband is dumping the majority on me!

My husband stays at home with the kids (he does not have a job) I work all week. I enjoy time with the kids in the evening. But the hose becomes a nightmare because I am exhausted from work, then occupied with roudy toddlers (they get difficult later in the day). Husband does not cook anymore, he wants me to do the dishes. Then when I get home from work, he leaves (to hang out with the guys). He spends most of the weekend with his buddies, and I am stuck with the kids all weekend too. I am lonely and feel overwhelmed. My daughter (14 mos old) is difficult to please. I have asked for him to see a marriage councelor, but he refuses. I don't want us to end up with a divorce, but I am so very disappointed in this relationship. I desperately need a solution.
By ValpoMom33 15 years ago :: Marriage
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