Why do I hate him for playing video games????

I'm not working because I'm 7 monts pregnant with complications. However, I do maintain the house and keep it very clean and presentable. Brian, my husband, does work a full time job, but since I did work at the same place, I know from experience that the job he does isn't difficult at all and if you stay out of the drama then it's a perfect job for the pay. BUT. I have a REAL big problem with how often he plays his video games. He has an xbox 360 and plays a war game online with other people. He usually works from 1pm to 10pm . He sleeps until he has to be at work, and then not a minute after he gets home he turns on that damn xbox and starts talking to all these guys and playing this game, and does it until 2 or even 3 in the morning. then after he is done playing, he gets on the internet and gets on the game website to talk about how they played! I AM SO PISSED OFF. I am carrying a toddler in my ribcage. I can't breath, I still get sick and nautious and throw up like once a day. I pick up after him all the time. I know that he is working and bringing home the bacon, but I don't think that justifies him speding all of his free time playing a video game. I'm so close to destroying the xbox while he's at work. I don't care if he leaves, or gets mad... I don't want that thing in my house anymore. I hate it. I hate listening to him talk in a headset all hours of the night. I hate that I can't watch MY TV, NOT HIS, because its always on that damn game. I'm pregnant, I'm hormonal, I'm exhausted over little activity, I'm emotional... AND DAMMIT I FEEL LIKE I DESERVE A LITTLE PAMPERING BEFORE I'M KNEE DEEP IN BABY SHIT AND RAISING HIS SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I THINK I'M LOSING MY EFFING MIND!
By j41d0n 15 years ago :: Marriage
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