How do you find housing with no money?

I am headed toward a divorce after 9 years. We have two kids a 8 year old son and a 6 year old daughter. We have lived in this two bedroom apartment all these years as I knew we couldn't afford anything more. We have all outgrown the apartment. My dilemma: I hate my ex and he hates me (he cheated and brought home an STD and possibly a baby), I hate the sight of him and would live nothing more than to see him vanished forever. I don't have any money as he started his own account 5 mos ago and he pays all the bills. I began working 4 mos ago and stiil don't have sufficient savings to move with the kids and pay our own bills. He makes 3 times as much as I do. He is not willing to do anything more than pay for rent, the cellphone I use and the utilities. He makes over $3000 monthly with side jobs averaging $300.00. I make $1200, I pay for childcare for the kids groceries, school supplies, my gas to work and household items. Any ideas how to get out of this crappy situation and he is trying to slowly stop paying the 3 items I mentioned. What to do? Have not filed for the divorce as I have no money. I just want to get away as I'm afraid I'll hurt him. He i away with our son on vacation in Florida. Sorry this is so long. I am sad and desperate to hear some responses.
By Mhoon 15 years ago :: Marriage
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