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Side 1 says... I'm getting a lot of grief from my family because they say I bring them down during the holidays because our dog died 3 years ago on christmas eve. I know I get emotional about it but I can't help it. They aren't considering him a part of the family and he was just a pet to them. TO me he was a companion and sometimes my best friend. The kids would be at school and my husband at work and I'd be spending the day with my buddy.

I don't get so down that I don't participate in all the fun stuff going on around me and I stay upbeat for the kids. They think I don't though and they say I stay depressing all during there break. But I am not over him yet. I miss him and they are not being nice about it any more.
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Side 2 says... I'm the husband. We all miss the dog. He was a very sweet pet - but that's all he was. We haven't replaced Max and got a new dog mostly because I think we neglected him. Two years ago I got my wife a replacement puppy and she made me her back because it wasn't Max. She's off the wall here about this dog thing and I can't get her to buck up during these 2 weeks. The kids think she's weird for it. It's not at all healthy. She needs a way to get over it and move on. Pets die but we are still here. With all that's going on around her I have no clue how she is even thnking about a dog that died 3 years ago. Please let her know this is not healthy and she has to move on. We aren't having a good time and it's mostly her fault.
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