Walking And Feeding The New Dog

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Side 1 says... It's a family dog. Everyone in the family should be taking care of it but my husband won't. He nver wanted the dog in the first place and doesn't think it's his job to care for her at all. Not even if I'm taking the kids all day and he's sitting at home watching tv - he won't feed or take her out so she doesn't pee on the floor and then blames it me when I get back that the house smells like pee. He's being lazy about it and intentionally mean because he feels I went behind his back to get her. But he shouldn't be taking it out on the dog!
Added by shootmeplease (female)
Side 2 says... I never wanted a dog because I know that it would become my responsibility and I didn't want that. I come home from work one day and she already had her playing with the kids telling them she was their dog. I was mad enough to leave that day but I told my wife fine but I wouldn't be doing anything. It is their responsibility and they will learn to care for a pet and not lean on me to do it. I said that up front before and the first day she brought her home. And now my wife thinks I should break down and wash her, feed her, and take her to the vet. No. You wanted her. you do it.
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