Student Debt Bailout Vs Illegals Free Healthcare

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California is now going to be providing healthcare for illegals. How is this any different than bailing out students?

All the money is going to be tax money to pay for the healthcare and they aren't even citizens. At least paying off student loans will give citizens disposable income to spend back into the economy.

90% of all student debt is owned by the government anyway (a.k.a. taxes). So California can pass this bill to pay off non-citizen medical bills where I being a millenial who can't get a job enough to have basic dental to fill my cavity and I can't pay for it with cash because it goes to my student loans. I'm one of the people who keeps paying them and I'm so close to saying the hell with it.

I really don't want a handout but man when I see this kind of thing I think a little help for your own children isn't too much to ask, America.

Added by GenXer (male)
Side 2 says...

Although I agree with not giving illegals in California healthcare with taxpayer money, two wrongs doesn't make a right.

You and other student debt holders have no right asking for money because you made a choice.

  1. I went to college and paid tuition. Where's my reimbursement?
  2. I pay on credit cards. Where's my reimbursement?
  3. I pay my mortgage. Where's my reimbursement?

I've been stupid a few times. Once I paid an entire vacation on a high interest credit card. The other is I didn't get a good contractor for a kitchen remodel and overpaid. Both took a long time to pay back but they were choices.

I have two sons. One wants to go to out-of-state college for marketing at $36,000 a year. He gets half paid by me. The other son apprenticed to be a welder last year and is earning $80k now before overtime. To be fair we gave him money as well. He bought a truck and put a down payment on a house.

They're both making choices. In the end one will be paying more than the other but that's a choice he's making. You made yours. Own it.

Added by beenthere75 (male)
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