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Side 1 says... I have met someone recently and we get on great. We have met a couple of times (due to living some distance away) and both times I have traveled to see her. I invited her to come and visit my life and to spend a weekend with me and she said that she would in a couple of weeks. That was a few weeks ago, and despite me looking into travel arrangements that would be effective both time and cost wise, she has done nothing about it. She keeps saying she has little money, but goes out socialising a lot and I even offered to lend the money or pay for some of the ticket, as my finances are much better. Or so I thought! It feels like I have put in a lot more effort and all I ask is equality and that she shows some consideration. We have spoken about it and she just keeps saying that she'll come when she has the money "in a couple of weeks". Shall I walk away?
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Side 2 says... I met Julia recently when I was with someone else. They cheated on me and we broke up. Me and Julia have been getting to know each other and I really like her. I also trust her I hope. We were due to meet up one weekend, but the weekend before I invited her to stay. She said yes and we spent the weekend together and it was lovely. She then returned the following weekend as planned and that was fun too. She has invited me to visit her, and I would love to, but I am a student and don't have a great deal of money at present. She offered to pay for me but I said no, as I hardly know her, and as such we are not together, just still getting to know each other. She thinks I am being unthoughtful, as I told her one night that I wanted to see her and would travel the next day. I didn't take the journey and she was upset by this. I do want to see her, but appreciate the distance between us, and I am still hurt by what happened in my life recently, which I don't talk to Julia about, as I feel she won't want to hear about my ex partner.
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