Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis) = My Life :(

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Side 1 says... Just like the song goes, my parents are completely against me dating Jason. He has tattoos, a few piercings, and he isn't straight edge at all. They know he smokes and drinks, he is 3 years older than me (I'm 17) and they don't like me visiting him at school. I think they should accept me dating Jason because I'm just gonna do it anyway. All they are doing is causing us to fight. I just want my parents to understand it's time to make my own choices...especially who I date.
Added by supadupa (female)
Side 2 says... Please explain to our daughter that we are only looking out for her best interests. She doesn't need to be dating a guy that's going nowhere. She is sexually active with him and we are worried she will get pregnant and ruin the rest of her life. We can see he would want nothing to do with her if that happened. He's an easy one to read and she is just 'bleeding love,' as she puts it and doesn't see his true colors.

We know we can't stop her from dating him and aren't going to try, but we won't sit idle and not give her our honest opinion about him. We don't like him and don't like her dating him.
Added by MomDad (male)
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