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Side 1 says... My youngest son is so spoiled by my wife Rebecca. We only have a small house and it is cluttered up to the ceiling with toys. He has 6 walkers, rocking horses, and teddy bears that would put build-a-bear to shame.

My argument is he doesn't play with most of it and when I ask my wife why she bought an item she says it was a bargain, but how can that be when it's not used.

We are trying to save for a holiday and I did say to her that once the holiday payment has been made for that week she can spend her money on what she wants but all she spends it on is our younger son Jack. It wouldn't be so bad if she treated herself for a change or the other kids.
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Side 2 says... Hello. My husband Andrew thinks I spoil my youngest son too much but I don't think I do! I have 4 children and I treat them all the same.

I probably do cater to my youngest a little bit more and when my 3 older children are naughty I obviously don't buy them anything.

I haven't bought my son 6 walkers. 4 of them were bought for him from other people.

I never had many toys as a child and I want my son to have lovely educational toys which I buy him. My argument is my husband wont think nothing of spending $700 on an air rifle, going out down town, or going out for a meal but when I spend $20 or $30 on a toy for my son he moans.

As long as the bills are all paid and the holiday is too I don't know why he moans about it. Sometimes I'll get my son a toy and he won't like it so I'll take it back and get him something else instead so that's just replacing it - not adding to the collection of toys.

I have been trying for over 5 years for another baby and I was told I probably couldn't have any more so when I finally became pregnant with my son I was so happy.

I take my daughters to the hairdressers. My other son has expensive designer glasses that I bought and he goes to football matches all the time so they do have a lot spent on them, but they don't want for nothing.

I don't see what the problem is. I could understand if the bills weren't being paid because of me buying him new toys He said to me as long as the holiday is paid weekly whatever I do with the rest of my money is up to me but it isn't because when I buy something I have to hide it somewhere so I don't get ear ache!!
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