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About Me

Are you wondering what your dreams are telling you? Dreams are a powerful manifestation of the subconscious. The information they hold may seem confusing at first, but with clear interpretation of the symbols you will find a key to your true desires.
Dream interpretation has the ability to help you reach your goals and resolve issues that are holding you back. If you would like to come into chat to discuss a dream, please let me know basics of the dream as well as what was the most powerful part of the dream for you. We’ll both have a sense of certainty as we uncover the profound meaning.
As my Client you will:
• Work to develop balance in your life as a whole, not just focus on a single area or relationship, to create long-lasting happiness.
• Understand it takes daily effort to create and maintain a healthy, loving relationship; that no relationship will generate happiness without focus and loving attention.
• Heal personal issues in order to open to give and receive love fully.
• Know that when life gets tough, it’s time to dig in and face issues head on. It’s time to listen to what the current situation is saying and use it to your advantage. In this way, you’ll uncover, heal, and release the roots of deep patterns in exchange for healthier ways of being.
It takes courage to honestly look at yourself and make changes. Every day is a new learning experience, and the important thing is to keep moving forward. If you feel stuck, ask yourself one question: "what can I do today to get one step closer to my goals?". Allow your higher wisdom to guide you to action.
The Sacred Dance of Relationship
You deserve to be loved in a way that makes your heart sing. Are you with the best partner for you? Will the relationship bring you happiness? Will it be long-lasting? I will help you regain confidence and resolve any questions you have about your relationship. I’ll help you resolve patterns that are holding you back from having the relationships you want.
Questions about love, trust, faithfulness, long-term relationships, marriage, possible partners, whether or not remaining with your current partner will lead you to happiness; I can answer all of these and more. I’ll clearly tell you what someone is thinking and feeling and you can use that information to make life-changing decisions. I don’t promise to bring back partners by the end of the reading. What I do is quickly help you find a clear path to help yourself. Having a balanced and loving relationship with yourself is necessary before any relationship will work with ease.
Your relationship reading will help you:
• Gain tools to heal relationship issues so you can reconnect with your partner.
• Clarify your needs and put an end to non-productive cycles of anger.
• Assert your authentic self with honesty and compassion.
• Heal sadness and understand why you’re in this current situation.
• Move forward with clarity and the strength to make decisions that empower you. You’ll learn to trust your decision making ability.
• Gain peace of mind by knowing you’re traveling your divine path.


Welcome! I’m Robyn Olsen, top rated Master Psychic on Liveperson since 2005. Please run your mouse over the stars to see my actual rating. I’m pleased to have helped resolve many issues to the satisfaction of my clients. I provide detailed readings to help you change your life for the better quickly. My style is direct with no sugar coating. I respect and welcome all spiritual paths. I am blessed to have many return clients, thank you!

If I'm not available please email to set up an appointment. I look forward to working with you
Your reading will help you see your current situation clearly, clarify your needs, and act with confidence. My readings focus on relationships, career, spiritual path, healthy living, decision-making, and most importantly what actions to take immediately.

My specialty is helping you get through tough issues so you can experience greater happiness in your life. Yes, there is a way through it! Our past plays a powerful part in our present happiness. You have the power to resolve grief and trauma in a way that empowers you.

Tips for a powerful reading:

1) Please have specific questions in mind before you call. This is for your benefit; specific questions allow me to focus on what you need to know. When you call, I’ll ask you to list your questions while I connect with you. If I have a clear flow of information that will assist you we’ll go into hire and the reading will begin. Good connections are magical and we will both know when it’s right. If we are not connecting I will be happy to recommend another expert.

2) I get a lot of useful information from pictures. You may email photos in advance or upload them during the session.

3) I work quickly. You'll know when I'm connected. It’s important for you to be involved in the dynamic by asking questions – you’ll get more out of the reading this way. Please feel free to jump in and ask me to clarify my statements or direct me to another question. I never mind if you interrupt to switch gears. This is your time and you direct how it’s spent. During the reading I specifically focus on answering your questions. So the process is: you ask, and I run with it.

4) I don’t ask for background information. If you wish to give it, I’ll be happy to listen. But it’s extremely rare for me to ask questions in a session.

5) If you are a first time caller, please have enough funds for at least 8-10 minutes. Shorter calls are not productive for beginning sessions.

6) Please remember you and I are working together as a team. I honestly tell you what I see. While you may not always like what I reveal, it’s said with your best interest at heart. Knowing the truth will open the door to solutions leading to balance and happiness.

7) I deeply care about my clients well being. I weigh my opinions on your situation very carefully. My answers are well thought out even when the reading is fast paced.

8) I don’t meditate during the session. What you pay for per minute is for me to give my opinion. If I need more time to solidify my answer I’ll ask you to email more specific questions or ask you to call back in a few minutes. My point is, please come ready to work because we won’t have lulls in the conversation.


I had the great luck of being urged by a spiritual teacher into martial arts. My martial arts experience grounded my psychic abilites more than any other endeavors. I have about 10 years experience in various forms of kung fu, including weapons training. Special thanks to Grandmaster Chris Chan (Wing Chun/internal power) and Master Michael Chau (Tai Chau, weapons). I was in numerous schools in the San Francisco Bay Area, and these two teachers had the most impact. I recommend kung fu to anyone interested in psychic development. You know it’s a good school when there’s no focus on what belt you’ll receive in one month, one year, etc. It’s about daily hard work to fine tune your skills.

I don’t believe getting a degree for metaphysical training. While that may work for others, I find that too confining. My path has been to work with various spiritual teachers such as Gangaji, Dr. Frederick Lenz and incorporate their teachings into a viable
outlook on life. Spiritual teachers are simply human beings balancing the complexities of the Earth plane as we all do. Teachings come to us as we travel through life when we least expect it and with no limit to form. If an ant, a cup of tea, or a child happen to be your teacher in any given moment, go with it!

We are multi-dimensional beings and the beliefs we uphold shape our lives. Beliefs are energy and can be changed at any given point in time. Changing a belief changes your reality. There is a positive path in any situation. You have the power to change your perceptions at this moment and make powerful, life-changing decisions immediately.

Predictions are made based on your current situation. Please remember this is a universe of free will and we all have the power to make decisions at any time. I will at times provide timeframes but I am much more concerned with your having the tools to maintain a healthy life rather than the day a person will call you, for example. I encourage you to develop deep inner strength and make healthy decisions for yourself every day.

Special note: I don’t offer spells, aura cleanings, candle burning, magical potions, etc., and I don’t advise paying for these practices. I'm saddened by stories I hear from clients about energy workers who tell them they have negative energy and ask for thousands of dollars to clear it. Everyone is more than capable of dealing with negative energies and blocked chakras on their own.

If a reader clears out your energy field, and you don’t understand and assimilate the reason for the blockage- it will come right back. You have to sort it out on an intellectual and emotional level, not just push energy around. You have the power to work with blockages to clear your own space. The basic function of a spell, or ritual, is to set your intent upon a particular outcome. Meditation can help you achieve the pin-point focus needed to manifest desired outcomes. Energy work done with integrity is harmonious with the universe.

Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only. The client is responsible for their own choices without exception. The reader is exempt from any liability for decisions made or actions taken by the client at any time. By clicking hire, the client acknowledges responsibility for fees incurred. By clicking hire, you acknowledge you have read, understand, and agree with the above disclaimer.

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