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Comments from Fruno's Customers
"Fruno was very helpful and
encouraging and the reading very optimistic. I didn't have to tell him about the secret fears I had, they were there in the cards. But after
talking to Fruno, I feel much more confident about the future. I will definitely call Fruno again. Thank you much."
"It was my first time
doing this type of call. I was nervous, but he made it so easy for me to talk to him - I felt as if I was talking to a close friend. Everything he
said made a lot of sense and at one point he even laughed with me. I would definitely do it again. I am taking his advice as if it were my dad's
advice because it made a lot of sense."
"Fruno is a very professional but at the same time compassionate and down-to-earth reader. He gets
straight to the point and not only reads the cards, but adds his intuitive insights. If you want a reader who makes you feel like you are talking to
your best friend, you've got to call Fruno!"
"Words can't express how much Fruno lifted my spirits when I was feeling all alone and
falling apart. Confident and accurate, Fruno knows how hard it is to keep the trust in the love. His faith in love is phenomenal. This is the man I
will be calling from now on. Thanks Fruno for saving my heart. "
"Fruno is an excellent friend and reader. I have been coming to him for advice
since October and he told me that the love i seek will prevail. He told me I should have faith in this love and wait for it as the love is destined to
be. Fruno has been very accurate and esspecially today a very important step has been taken in my situation that Frruno predicted and helped me to
achieve. Take his advice and have faith in the love you seek! Thank you Fruno. "



  • De La Salle High School "DLS"- Football, Track, and Band.

  • University of New Orleans "UNO" - Bachelor of Science

    Accounting, Dean's List.

  • Louisiana State University

    "LSU" - Master of Science Accounting, Graduate Assistant.


  • Atlas of Louisiana Wetlands - Co- Author, Copyright Reg. No:TX2-031-578 U.S. Copyright Office. Library of Congress Call Number: G1362,C6C3 A2

    1990, Location: Geography & Map Reading Room (Madison, LMB01).

Professional Memberships

  • Beta Alpha Psi - National Honor Accounting Fraternity, UNO, Gama Sigma Chapter.

  • National Association of Accountants - Secretary / Director, Baton Rouge Chapter.


    Professional Experience

    • Latuso & Company Local CPA Firm -

      Manager Tax Department

    • Price Waterhouse
      International CPA Firm -


      Oil & Gas Taxation, IRS Audits, Corporate
      Acquisitions, Estates & Trust, and International

    • BDA -
      Partner; A firm specializing in Tax and Financial Planning

    • Gulf Star Holdings, Inc. -
      Principal, Director and CFO. The

      company provided
      Domestic and Foreign Oil & Gas Marine, Drilling
      Support Services, Engineering Services and various joint

      ventures including Dock Facilities with Danos &
      Curole, Shipyard with Bolinger, Eager Aviation etc..
      Responsible for all Accounting, Tax

      and Finance
      operations. Chief Executive in charge of Insurance, Legal
      and Marketing and member of the Executive Committee.

    • Dolphin Tugs / Gulf DuMar
      Marine - Principal, Director

      CFO. Offshore Ocean Going Tugs. Provided Marine Support
      to Domestic Oil & Gas Operations. Responsibilities
      same as those for

      Gulf Star.

    • Kasamba / Advisor - Providing

      Live Psychic Advice by chat.

    Professional Activities

    • Louisiana State University
      - Instructor Individual and Corporate Tax


    • International Power
      Specialists - President, CEO, Director. An
      International Nuclear Engineering Company.

    • Corporate

      - Trustee of various Corporate Pensions

    • Nuclear

      Consultants VEBA
      - President. A tax-exempt organization of approximately
      fifty corporate

      members. Provided Employee Benefits,
      Liability Insurance and other services to its members.

    • Jesco Services
      - Secretary / Director. A Domestic Engineering Firm.

    • Corporations -
      Director and / or Registered Agent of numerous


    • Louisiana Board of Tax
      Appeals - Administrative Law Judge. The
      Board hears all tax cases with the exception of property
      taxes. Also, hears all Claims made

      against the State of

    • House of Mystics - Manager of the Psychic Group The House of Mystics.

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October 15, 2021
Best as always . Gv me clarity

October 15, 2021
He warmed my soul literally

October 15, 2021
The best of the best

October 15, 2021
Just love him

October 14, 2021
He was brilliant

October 14, 2021
Thank you so much!!

October 13, 2021
He put my mind at ease! Amazing friend and reader!!

October 13, 2021
Thank you for accuracy

October 13, 2021
Fruno is so lovely and amazing! Always picks me up when I’m feeling low. Makes me laugh and see the positive things and such a caring person.

October 12, 2021
Thank you

October 12, 2021
thank you so much. you are so understanding

October 12, 2021
I’d give 100 if I could!! Very calming, felt real connection between and during our conservation. He gave me exact time frame for pediction to come pass. I don’t need any others psychics readings after Fruno! He’s my go to! I trust on him. Very special guy, with very special gift! God bless you.

October 11, 2021
Fantastic reader!

October 11, 2021
Amazing as always :)

October 9, 2021
Always great. Waiting for all to come true

October 9, 2021
Fruno is always there when o need him. Always keeps me on the right path no matter how difficult it is. Thank you my friend!

October 9, 2021
Thanks for your help and understanding my situation.

October 9, 2021
Always a pleasure to talk to Fruno he picks up on the situations at hand without any information

October 8, 2021
Thanks fruno .. always accurate

October 8, 2021
very kind, real and honest read.

October 8, 2021
Fast with predictions and accuracy

October 7, 2021
Simply Wowww

October 6, 2021
As always…..really enjoy catching up with you. I can’t wait to come back and update you.

October 6, 2021
Fruno is always amazing. kind and helpful

October 6, 2021