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About Me

My name is Lori Burke,MSW, LSW. I have worked in the field of individual and family therapy for thirteen years. I specialize in working with individuals who have difficulty coping with everyday stressors. Normally, this is due to problems with stress, anxiety and panic issues. I work to teach people ways of reducing their stress. relieving their anxiety, and also teach people how to work through an anxiety or panic attack, so that they eventually go away, for good! I use a supportive, strength-based approach when working with people faced with these challenges in order to teach then ways to live a happy, stress-free life!


Master's degree in Social Work


For the past thirteen years, I have worked with individuals and families, providing crisis intervention,behavior modification, support, coping skills, anger management skills, stress reduction, and positive reinforcement.

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May 20, 2020
So amazing to talk to Lori. She’s wonderful.

May 17, 2020
A+++ Lori is the best. She listens and asks the right questions.

January 27, 2020
She was thoughtful, understanding and very helpful.

January 23, 2020
She was thoughtful and very helpful.

January 19, 2020
Excellent communicator! Highly recommend.

January 9, 2020
so easy to chat with ..and has excellence advice and guidance

September 5, 2019
I tried to explain everything the best I could but I felt like she just wasn't understanding me.

November 14, 2018
Excellent session. Lori asked all the right questions and got to the bottom of my problems. Very easy to talk with. Definitely recommend

November 4, 2018

June 19, 2018

April 16, 2018
Always gives me insight in a positive manner along with making me laugh

February 21, 2017
Goes above and beyond to assure that I get what I need in a session and is quick in doing so

February 18, 2017
Types very slow!

January 27, 2017
She was great. Very knowledgeable and friendly..

Invino Veritas
May 27, 2016
Thanks. Sorry, something happened and the call ended.

January 28, 2014
Thank you. For distracting me while it comes in. And giving me the right ideas to distract myself...while this happens :) I CAN DO THIS. IM READY. AND I AM WILLING, ABLE, OK. Not so scary when not alone...and truly i have never been "alone" :)

January 28, 2014
Thank you. I AM OK. I GOT US.

December 4, 2013
I have nothing but high praise for the help that Lori has provided me.. I recommend her professional service immensely..

November 24, 2013
Thank you for doing this and being there, Lori! I appreciate your calm and validating manner, and suggestions!

November 6, 2012
Very nice time and quite relaxing. I will come again if needed.

August 10, 2012
Excellent session, very helpful and i will definately continue working with her.

June 28, 2011
Another outstanding session with an outstanding counselor, Lori.

April 17, 2011
ok but a little difficult to open up. not as willing to open up to you in an honest straightforward manner that i would have liked.

May 9, 2010
She has helped me so quickly in making progess I am very lucky to have found the help I needed. She is one smart cookie.

May 3, 2010
excellent thoughts, perfect reasoning, I got Answers and techniques to help. The help I needed quick and to the point. She's very professional but, also really nice.