All Drugs Should Be Legal

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I'm having a fight with a friend of mine about how we should legalize all drugs and let people handle their own issues with them. I don't believe anyone should tell me I can't do meth if I want. I don't do it but what I put into my own body should be up to me alone. If I want to experiment with psychodelics it should be up to me to make that decision. And if I want to sell them, I should be able to sell them. There's so much crap sellers are scamming people with that aren't drugs, why not allow me to sell drugs that are good in this capitalist society?

Point is we should individually be in control of our own destiny and if I get hooked on a drug, it's my decision because I was able to try it. I didn't have to but I wanted to.
Added by dealz (male)
Side 2 says...
This is why we have regulation and the FDA, FTC, etc. We need oversight. If anyone in the world could sell any consumable product, we'd have grocery stores selling expired eggs giving people botulism without consequence. Chipotle wouldn't be in trouble for E. Coli...

Cutting agents are much cheaper than selling pure drugs and anyone as unscrupulous as a drug dealer wouldn't care what went into the mix. But you'll care. Actually, YOU won't care. Your family will care when you're dead.
Added by whiteydoesdc (male)
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