Budgeting With Extra Money

My husband and I each have a personal budget where we can spend a certain dollar amount each month without question from the other person. Whatever money we make working for his company goes into our household and personal budgets. I would like to make a little extra money to spend on landscaping or personal things so that neither the household nor my personal budget is affected. He enjoys and is pretty good at playing poker. He's been winning for awhile. He uses some of the money from his personal budget to gamble. I suggested that if he wins, he should keep that money to spend as he chooses but he thinks the money I make should go back into our household budget. If he loses, then that's less money for him. I said that I don't have to work extra, it's an option when I'd like extra money. The way I see it, is that he can make extra money by gambling and I can make extra money by working a side job. We need some opinions.
By SuwaneeMom 11 years ago :: Marriage
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