How do I understand someone holding onto past relationship?

My fiancee is divorced with kids. He has a bag containing his wedding photos, anniversary and birthday cards from his ex, even an old business card of hers with her pic on it. They divorced because she was cheating on him and she has since married the guy and had another child with him. We are getting married next year. I don't understand why he has to hold on to these mementos, especially if he was hurt so badly. I can see that someday he would want to give the pics to the kids, but why keep the cards?

I understand that the past is what made him what he is today, so how can I accept this being in what will soon be our home. His ex will always be in our lives because of the kids, does he need those mementos around too? I am not the type who saves things from past relationships.
By shellbell5 10 years ago :: Marriage
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