Husband wants me to give up 25 year friendship with high school boyfriend

I dated a boy in high school I had known my entire life. We never had sex but it was serious and didn't end well. We broke up, graduated from high school and didn't speak or see each other for 13 years. I've always regretted it ending so badly and missed his friendship.

My husband and I met shortly after the break-up and have been together for 16 years now. About 2 years ago the ex-boyfriend found me on myspace and contacted me. My husband knows everything about my friendship/relationship with this person. I asked for his blessing to resume this friendship BEFORE I ever responded to the e-mail. He said it was fine.

Being completely honest, I don't think my husband ever thought it was fine he was just trying to make me happy.

There are still old feelings between the ex and I, but we really want to be in each other's lives again. We have figured out how to just be friends by setting rules. We talk via e-mail a lot and occasionally we meet for lunch with another person present, but we never text, talk on the phone or see each other alone.

My husband has recently changed his mind. He doesn't like my friendship with my ex anymore and wants me to stop talking to him. He doesn't believe it's possible for my ex and I to be friends. He says my ex has bad intentions and I'm naive.

Who is right? I won't end my marriage over this or anything but I really don't feel I've done anything wrong and I want to keep my friend!
By thatgirl13 15 years ago :: Marriage
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